In case you missed it – Stamp prices are going up in 2017

Stamp price increase 2017

Happy New Year, everyone!

2016 was an exciting year for me (getting engaged, buying a house, starting Dash of Discovery), but I am really looking forward to 2017 (getting married, moving into the house, and seeing Dash of Discovery grow!).

Anyone getting married or planning to send mail in 2017? Well, yes to both for this girl.

A little bird gave me a heads up that U.S. Forever Stamps will increase in price by $0.02 each, effective January 22, 2017. Note: International postage cost, postcard stamps, and per additional ounce cost will remain the same.

I know I’m late to this news because the official press release from the United States Postal Service is dated October 12, 2016.

Either way, I certainly can’t be the last one to find out, so I wanted to give you all a heads up. Two cents a stamp might not be a big deal, but it can start adding up.

In a typical book of Forever Stamps, there are 20 stamps. That’s “only” a $0.40 increase for the whole book.

But with wedding invitations (and a few going international), thank you notes for showers and wedding gifts, and plenty of miscellaneous mail to send, I will use way more than 1 book of stamps in 2017.

Here’s a great guide from Today’s Bride about postage cost by weight and category. They already have the new stamp price updated. Check it out if you’re sending mass amounts of mail this year and want a bit of Post 101.

I’m off to the post office this week to stock up on at least 8 books of stamps before the price goes up. That might only save me $3.20, but I’d rather spend it on something other than stamps… like ice cream… or coffee. 🙂

Hope you’re all enjoying your New Year so far!


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