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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Over 6 months to be exact.

But what a 6 months it has been.

This past half year has been a wild ride filled with big, exciting life changes. Though all of them have been for the best, that’s not to say they didn’t come without challenges.

Two weeks ago marked the half anniversary of the biggest, most exciting life event: our wedding and the start of our marriage.

At times, it feels like we’ve gone through more in the last few months than we have in our 5+ years of being together. These challenges and happy times and stresses are what has created and solidified the foundation of our marriage, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Our perfect, classic, Chicago suburbs wedding
Photo by: Katherine Salvatori Photography

Winter is always a tough time for me. Living in the Midwest in its vast flatness and experiencing the extreme cold and snow doesn’t bring me the same joy as it might in other places where the snow intensifies the beauty of the outdoors. For me, it just means cold toes, horrible traffic, and darkness. I may have lived here my entire life, but it never gets easier.

Just yesterday, I was having a tough time. There were tears, and my husband just grabbed me and pulled me into a bear hug. I started to calm down, and we talked through what was upsetting me until we came up with a plan. He said, “You know, every time we go through a tough time like this and work it out together, it brings us closer and makes our marriage stronger.”

My heart overflowed with emotion, and I cried again (happy tears this time). I was so impressed by his insight, wisdom, and the truth of what he said.

Having him by my side made such a sad moment so bright. I believe that’s what our marriage, our partnership is all about – supporting each other through better and worse, sickness and health. When we work through difficult things together, it strengthens us as a couple.

There will probably be many, many more days like this. Tough days. Impossible days. Happy days. Average days.

Whatever they are, we will face them together.

Cheers to the second half of our first year of marriage. I can’t wait to see what it brings!


Ps. Like I said above, winter is a really tough time for me. As soon as life finally calmed down in October, the onset of my slow-moving, unmotivated winter feelings began. I’ve had so many great ideas for posts over the last few months, but getting the energy and motivation to just do it has been tough.

Are there any posts you’d like to see first? Depending on your thoughts, I can prioritize accordingly and get this site up and running again. 🙂 Here are some ideas:

  • Wedding Recap
  • Honeymoon recap
  • Eating Your Way Through Europe… Gluten Free
  • Registry: Creating the best wedding registry
  • Wedding Registry: Love It or Leave It. What items have held up for 6 months and which have not
  • 4 Valentine’s Day Date Nights that aren’t going out to dinner

Let me know in the comments below! Thank you!

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